Red Door Wealth Management

Alicia Jeter

Compliance & Operations Associate


As a compliance and operations associate, Alicia implements the firm’s compliance program and performs essential daily duties within the operations department. She is also integrating a new technology platform that will enhance the scope and speed of Red Door’s operation, along with providing clients more in-depth access to their asset information. Alicia is also responsible for collaborating with the chief compliance officer and outside compliance groups to ensure that all regulations are updated and documented correctly. 

A native Memphian, Alicia is a graduate of Hutchison School and the University of Alabama, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration with a minor in computer science. She is a member of Second Presbyterian Church and she has a passion for travel – Alicia has already visited 15 countries, with Antarctica next on her list. When she’s not in the office or on an excursion abroad, you can find Alicia cheering on the Grizzlies and watching Alabama football. 

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