Red Door Wealth Management

Family Office

After selling a business, you need a trustworthy team to manage the daily operations of your new asset management company. Our team has the experience and expertise to lead the transition, oversee your assets, and preserve the impact of your wealth for the next generation.

Selling a business can create a variety of emotions: excitement, pride, and gratitude, but also sadness and loss.

We understand.

Even though you may not be “in business” anymore, you’re now the head of an asset management business. We have the experience to lead you through the transition from being a business owner to heading an asset management firm.

You could go through the long process of hiring a CFO, administrative support and investment professionals.

Or, you can outsource it to Red Door. We provide the staff, operations and experience bundled into a seamless family office service. We take a customized approach to meeting your financial, investment, and tax needs, all under one roof. You’ll see increased efficiencies and better outcomes at a fraction of the cost of building an operation from scratch.

We’ll be your family CFO, managing your investments, implementing advanced planning strategies, providing tax and accounting services and performing many administrative functions to simplify your life. Typically suited for families with a net worth of $20 million or more, our approach has the resources you need so you can live your ideals and ensure a meaningful legacy.

If you’re ready to talk about a transition, give us a call at (901) 681-0018 or email us at