Red Door Wealth Management

Our Approach

How does Red Door Wealth Management work?

The foundation of our investment philosophy is simple – we buy and hold quality companies, in a tax efficient manner while carrying low costs. This allows us to develop customized portfolios that produce the returns necessary to help you meet your goals. We’ll always put your interests first and construct a portfolio that fits your specific risk tolerance and financial plan.

The Red Door Wealth Management Approach to Investing

We don’t just work with money, we work with people. So before we can recommend an investment strategy, it’s important that we get to know you.

We’ll start by meeting with you and talking about your financial needs, current assets & debts, investment goals, risk tolerance and timelines. We will then create a strategic investment portfolio that’s personalized to your financial plan. Once your plan is in place, we continuously watch your portfolio. When market conditions change, we make the appropriate adjustments while keeping you informed.

Our business is about relationships. We want to be a trusted partner that helps you make wise decisions while providing peace of mind.

Investment Approach

The Red Door Wealth Management Investment Process

Our unique investment philosophy uses global and domestic market trends to support our strategic recommendations.

We picture our approach as a three-legged stool, where each leg balances and supports the other two.

  • We take our knowledge of the world’s economies and combine it with fundamental analysis.
  • We also use a variety of technical indicators to measure the market’s temperature.
  • Our investment advisory board gives us intimate, real-time insight into the industries that drive our economy.

Why Is Red Door Wealth Management different?

We approach personalized financial services for our clients with the same care we would take for our own families.

Why do I need wealth management assistance?

Professional financial advisors design custom solutions that are tailored for you. From tax support to investing to retirement analysis, Red Door’s partnership with Cannon Wright Blount lets us provide you with a complete menu of financial services that other advisors may refer out to third-party agencies.

How is Red Door Wealth Management’s fee-only structure set up?

Traditional commissioned advisors might have a financial incentive to push certain products or make recommendations that serve their best interests, not yours. At Red Door, we don’t sell “products.” Our fee-only structure reduces potential conflicts of interest. We also don’t accept commissions or make money on transactional activity. No consultation with us is ever “on the clock.”


As a fiduciary, we are required to put your interests first. Many brokers at larger firms do not serve as a fiduciary and may have limited communication.

Not only will your Red Door Wealth Management advisor set up regular face-to-face meetings, we’ll keep in touch by sending you emails on important issues. We’ll also host educational events to help grow your familiarity with key financial, legal and other issues that may affect your financial well-being.

If you’re ready to talk together about your financial future, get in touch today.