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In early America, a red door meant “welcome.” If a family had a red front door, tired travelers knew that their home was a welcoming place to rest and take comfort.

Who Is Red Door

What Makes Red Door Different?

Most investment advisors or brokers specialize in only one area of financial planning. But Red Door’s alignment with Cannon Wright Blount enables the company to provide a more diverse offering of asset management and financial planning services.

  • The extensive menu of professional and individual financial services provided by Red Door is unparalleled in the Mid-South.


  • The firm is structured to enhance the ease of use for our clients, allowing individuals to have only one interface for financial questions and advice.


  • The investment team at Red Door takes a comprehensive approach to wealth management. We help our clients become more informed so that they may develop more investable capital.


At Red Door, you will work with a fee-only investment advisor. We believe that this approach enables us to serve our clients with no conflict of interest. Learn more about fee-only investment advisor here. (or click RiA below)