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In Scotland, a red front door once signified that a homeowner had paid off his or her mortgage.

Entryway to Red Door Wealth Management

The Red Door Approach to Investing

At Red Door Wealth Management, we take a comprehensive look at your current financial condition before developing your investment strategy. We evaluate your current assets, investment goals, financial needs, risk tolerance and time horizon. This allows us to create a customized investment portfolio that coordinates with your financial plan. Red Door continuously monitors your portfolio and makes appropriate adjustments as market conditions change.

Our mission is to integrate our client relationship approach with a strategic investment philosophy that relies on global market factors and domestic trends, alike.

Red Door Wealth Management compares the formation of our investment outlook to a three-legged stool – each leg stabilizing and supporting the others.

•    First, we fuse fundamental analysis with a global macro view of the world’s economies to form our core investment model outlook.

•    Then, we have a technical overlay made up of indicators, which takes the temperature of the market allowing us to determine if certain areas are reaching a speculative peak or trough.

•    Finally, our investment advisory board gives us real-time insight into their industries – industries that we specifically chose because they tend to drive our economy.