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In Scotland, a red front door once signified that a homeowner had paid off his or her mortgage.

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401(k) & Other Retirement Plans

As fiduciary obligations evolve, Plan Administrators need clear, unbiased advice from experienced fiduciary partners.  Serving as a co-fiduciary on retirement plans, Red Door has developed the specialized resources and expertise to guide you towards informed decisions for your employees.


Our value proposition to you is to reduce fiduciary liability, simplify operations and reduce costs while being radically transparent and brutally honest.


Types of plans we work with: 401k, Profit Sharing, 403b, SEP, SIMPLE IRA, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA


Red Door’s Retirement Plan Bundled Services


Fiduciary Compliance
Red Door acts as a co-fiduciary of the plan and assists you in ensuring that your Fiduciary requirements are met including Annual Reviews, Plan Benchmarking, 404c compliance, etc.

Employee Education
Red Door will coordinate education meetings to meet the needs of the employees and vary content accordingly.

Committee Education
Red Door will educate the retirement committee on all aspects of the plan’s performance and the marketplace.

Preparation / Review of Investment Policy Statement

Red Door will prepare and maintain an investment policy statement (“IPS”) for the Plan based upon consultation with the Client to ascertain the Client’s investment objectives, policies, and constraints and will assist Client in developing a policy and IPS that is consistent with the requirements of ERISA.

Investment Fund Selection
Red Door will work with the Client to develop a specific fund menu based on the IPS and consistent with DOL and ERISA guidelines.

Investment Fund Monitoring
Red Door utilizes an independent proprietary process to monitor funds on an ongoing basis.  The investment manager(s) or investments will be evaluated according to the established guidelines as outlined in the IPS and investment portfolio characteristics, performance of duties and investment process and philosophy.  Our fund monitoring process includes replacing poor performing funds and mapping money into more appropriate investment choices.

Performance Reporting
Red Door will prepare quarterly fund monitoring reports and complete a written annual Fiduciary Review.


Plan Design Review
Red Door will complete a thorough review of your plan document for regulatory compliance and good business practices.

Plan Search Support
Red Door will manage the preparation, distribution, evaluation of RFP’s, and conversion support, as part of an initial vendor review and/or a periodic plan benchmarking.

Platform Research
Red Door will coordinate the selection of vendor finalists for the committee’s evaluation including: scheduling, evaluation criteria, and post interview reviews.  Red Door acts as the client advocate in the interview process to assure that whichever vendor is selected offers the best fit possible.

Terminated Participant Rollover Services
Red Door provides a fully-licensed Retirement Center to advise your terminated employees as they transition into independent retirement options.